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Hi, I'm Irene

I love beauty, self-discovery, curiosity, music and amazement


Hi, I'm Irene

I love beauty, self-discovery, curiosity, music and amazement

'know thyself'


I love those two words. They make me happy for no reason. And so does my new home - Ibiza. 

Last winter I conquered this stunning island by car to live the life I really want. There was no big plan. I simply wanted to find out if I was able to build myself a life in paradise. 

A life that would feed my soul

A life that would bring me closer to those two words… know thyself.

    •    Who am I? 

    •    What makes my heart sing?  

    •    What can I give, contribute or add to the bigger picture?

I’m always busy with awareness, self-discovery and personal growth

This is where I found my destination - not just for myself but also for others. Here I found the gate towards a more profound life - light and free.

I don’t want to be bullied by my thoughts, patterns and fears. 

I want to have the guts to take crazy decisions, to follow my heart, to shine like a diamond, to release what’s deeply hidden

But in order to get there I needed to blast out of my personal bubble. I wanted to look and live beyond my fixed routines.

This desire made me change my lifestyle from party animal to yoga practitioner.  The outset of an amazing journey.

Until then I had travelled the planet in search for new experiences and bliss. But only by turning inward I found what I was missing and finally - I know it sounds like a cliche - discovered a much more rewarding way of travelling.

To unleash your own spirit and live accordingly can be really hard and terrifying. Working on yourself always is. But it gave me a strong sense of liberation. 

The closer I get to my core and essence the more I feel free… Then my eyes twinkle and I start dancing or humming songs spontaneously

This way I developed from a travel journalist and freelance writer to become a professional wanderer and motivational guide. It was a bumpy but rewarding road where every obstacle, accident and set back turned out to be a blessing. 

Soul Island Ibiza is my latest arrival. The combination of all my passions with the love for this place make the perfect breeding ground for yet another adventure. 

Come and join me to spark your energy. 

Make your soul dance

With love, Irene