Lochem (the Netherlands)

I had no specific reasons to come to Ibiza, but I decided to do so because of two things: our wonderful dog Naya was born on Ibiza and I read the words Irene wrote about herself on this website. 

Irene and I visited many beautiful places during our time together, we talked a lot and did a number of excercises. Irene’s inspirational coaching gave me further insight into what I am going to do with my life in future.

Irene is a special woman. She’s completely herself all the time, warm, enthusiastic and creative. When I think of her, the first picture that comes to mind is Irene driving her car, singing loudly and out of tune (but with conviction :-)) to the soundtrack of the musical Hair. She clearly loves doing what she’s doing, which is infectious. It’s the Irene-factor that made it all worthwhile.