Anne (AMSterDAM, NL)

So I volunteered to join Irene on this Ibiza Soul Road Trip, not knowing beforehand it was like a pilot for her new business. I was a witness when Irene drove to 'her' island with 'all' of her belongings. It didn't feel like this was someone moving to another country. This was like someone found her home, her island, and she didn't need time to adjust, or to let the island adjust to her.

From the very beginning, it felt only natural to be guided, as if traveling with a local

She was the local. The way she drove around, the island was as if she knew it by heart. 

Her unstoppable enthusiasm to show you and share with you the best cafe, village, viewpoint, lookout, beach, rock formation, path, track, piece nature on that island was contagious. Sometimes I felt like, "Here is good enough, I can see the sea right?", but then Irene convinced me to go further, to look further, to feel more, to listen more.

She would not just ask a question, or just give me an exercise. She would offer her complete presence, in which any superficial answers or attempts to get out were just not good enough.

I felt an enormous distance to home

And without the noise and the distractions that I have always experienced in my daily life (in Amsterdam) and with the sharp eye and ears of Irene, I could see and feel with great clarity, what really matters to me.

I noticed my energy increasing, I enjoyed the clarity in my head and the joy in my heart

True soul food on a soul island

Thanks dear Irene