(Helmond, NL)

At the age of 63 I was at a turning point in life. Within a month I would be a pensioner, I would stop the work of my heart. My new future frightened me. For the first time in my life there was no one to take care of, except me. My children were dispersed and happy, my husband had recently died. And now what to do? 

How will I, after 38 years of fulltime work and taking care of others, give meaning to my life again?

My children decided to organise a roadtrip with Soul Island Ibiza. My main wish was that Irene and I should click with each other. Irene and I hitted off immediately. But oh, those big questions when I was about to leave for Ibiza. Alone at home, feeling nervous and insecure about the future, I left a lot of the questionnaire blank. They were really unanswerable for me at that moment in time.

Once in Ibiza things changed rapidly.

We drove to sparkling bays and through beautiful ‘campo’. At quiet but amazing spots we started to talk and work. With succes! After four days I had gained a lot of insight into myself and the path I wanted to take. My quest for the trip with Soul Island Ibiza was gained and once home again there were letters, excercises, memories and practical tips to fall back on. When I’m in doubt and feel insecure they’re of great comfort to me. I am very grateful to my children for this amazing gift. I would like to wish everyone such a gift.

In some phases of your life, you need someone walking beside you. I’m glad that Irene was this person for me. 

Thanks Irene for your counseling. I often think about the specials days we spent together. I have found my way and it has given me the confidence to pursue my path.