San Francisco (USA)

Taking the time out to visit Ibiza and explore both myself and the island was magical. It was what I needed and it exceeded all my expectations.

While I had done some of the work in different guises in the past, working with Irene truly made me focus and be honest with myself. Laughing a lot, though the process is inevitable challenging at times and uncovers tender spots, I left Ibiza with a stronger foundation, a clearer sense of self and a true purpose.

The four days I spent with Irene were both structured and fluid, covering a lot of ground in a short period of time, but still giving enough space to flex and adapt to what was the most important for me. Instead of feeling aimless and unsure, I now have focus on where I'm going but a path to get there - all thanks to the work with Irene.

Ibiza is a magical place, I cannot wait to go back! Visiting remote and secluded parts of the island is a special experience and allows you the space to help nature guide you back home to what you love and need.

I fell in love with Ibiza - as an Australian I am no stranger to beautiful and spiritual islands, but Ibiza was something else entirely.  Don't worry about getting caught up in the hedonistic party lifestyle, Ibiza is big enough to nourish your body and soul outside of the clubs, with stunning natural beauty, seemingly perpetual sunshine somewhere on the island, good food and, of course, the occasional splash of wonderful wine!

Irene, the magnificant. Exuberant, irreverant, warm and strong, Irene is the perfect guide for this physical and spiritual journey.

Immediately putting you at ease, Irene is always trying to ensure you are comfortable and getting the most out of your time working through the process, adapting to your goals and desires, and ultimately getting you to the end, to the place you had been struggling to get to on your own.

Whether it's singing along to tunes in the car, making tasty picnic lunches or showing you the best and most secret coves and beaches, Irene is focused on making sure your visit is nourishing on every level. She is a fabulous guide on this beautiful journey to knowing your soul.