Oirschot (the Netherlands) 

Thinking back to our four days still brings a big smile to my face. Being back in Ibiza felt like coming home. Irene and I had a really cool roadtrip together.

The island and our conversations have given me such a boost of energy! Now over two months has passed, but the memory still lingers on. I still feel the flow and I don’t think this feeling will ever go away.

Irene showed me the island in her own unique intuitive way. I came for joy and pleasure and went with the flow without expectations. I got storm instead of sun, but it didn’t spoil the trip in any way. In fact it enhanced it. We were chasing the sun. Ibiza in bad weather and driving around with Irene was still magical. I loved our roadtrip, talks and laughs under the dramatic and turbulent skies.

I didn’t come purely for the coaching because I already felt good. Despite this, there were really beautiful insights.

Words don’t come easily to me - I’m a visual person - but Irene expressed my feelings into words. This new way of endorsement did me good. The expression of my feelings into words are insights that I will cherish and carry with me.

My intuition brings me to where I want to be and I can do what I want. On this island, during the roadtrip, I experienced valuable moments, on magical places where the energy flowed through my body like never before. Ibiza has always been a special island to me, but it's even stronger now.  

To focus on introspection, to enjoy, to learn and grow from whatever comes your way, to intuitively be together with an inspiring coach and four days of laughter, who would not want all of that?