Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

I remember we were sitting in a bar having coffee somewhere and before I realized, Irene’s questions deepened and I did not want to hold back. I answered without realizing the important turn it took…

I spoke the words I haven't heard myself think or say before. But those words represented an underlying fear, that had been creating the false reality I found myself in. I heard myself say: "Deep down I truly believe ...” Tears started to flow. No drama, just sheer sadness.

Irene’s questions opened up what I had denied for so long.

I finally could see the bad situation I was in. That insight created so much space that I could easily push away the negative belief that held me down and kept me in this situation for far too long. What I would not see for months, at some level, suddenly became a deeper understanding.

The way Irene works is unique and powerful. I have never encountered this before in any coach or therapist. Irene is enthusiastic, impulsive, she trusts her inner compass instead of working on a time schedule and she can be a little flaky at times. But when she asks you a question, and you talk about something that matters, she is completely present. Whether it's in the car or in a busy market square, you will get her undivided attention, seemingly effortless. It's all about you and whatever you are going through.

It makes your soul jump with joy. It makes sure your whole being can relax. You can let your guard down. So you can give space to whatever comes up even if you have no idea what that might be.

(From my study of psychology and several coaching courses I have learned how to communicate with people about thoughts, feelings and behavior. I have learned what should work and what eventually does not work. Knowing something on a certain level is awareness. But to actually feel on a deeper level, to truly see, to face truth, you need more.)

Irene invites you to dive deeper. It's not about talking for an hour and then going back to your old (comfortable) self. She encourages (and sometimes pushes) you to look further, to truly see, to face the truth. And when you feel vulnerable, or touched, you will get the space and support you need. She can take you to a place in nature where you can reconnect with your inner strength, with light, with faith. 

I can truly say that this way of coaching is far more effective then weeks of talking. This is the way to do it.

Simply because, if you are willing, you can experience bigger changes than you ever imagined possible. I know I have changed. Already.