The Netherlands

Mid November I was on the road with Irene Herbers. What a wonderful, friendly, funny and above all optimistic woman she is. From the first moment I saw Irene I knew we would get along.

I immediately was at ease, I sensed I could be myself. Therefore I was relaxed enough to be open and honest for the oncoming days of life coaching.

Irene showed me the real beauty of Ibiza, she took me to places that many tourists will never see. In these beautiful and tranquil surroundings Irene gave me excersises to gain insight and selfdiscovery. She listened to me, gave me the confidence to dive deeper into my most inner thoughts.

I left the island full of energy and optimism plus a firm plan to continue at home with.

My four days with Irene were beautiful and special. It all became clear and the pieces of the puzzel fell into place. I didn’t consider it as a holiday, but as an investment in myself, my future and that of my family.

Dear Irene, thanks for everything! Love and a big hug,