I’m now walking a new path

From the very moment Irene launched her Soul Island Ibiza I told my wife that I wanted to do the four day coaching roadtrip. Irene and I have known each other for many years. We always seem to bump into each other.

After an extremely busy and intense period in my life — I just sold my business — I felt lost. I didn’t know what to do and I was fearful of the future. My wife, aware of the clarification I needed, booked me the roadtrip with Irene as a present. I’m so grateful for that. Because the four (or finally five) days were like a warm blanket.

The always cheerful and optimistic Irene made me much more aware of the way I function. Besides this she took me to places in Ibiza I’ve never seen. Her coaching made me think more clearly and made me more responsive to my inner self. We had lots of great walks, interesting conversations and practical exercises that brought me a lot of insight.

By the time I left the island my head was clear; I’m now walking a new path.

Irene, I’m grateful for our friendship and your enthusiasm for life. I have learned a lot from you, I thank you for that. I look forward to coming back.