Back to my inner peace

After a long winter, I’d lost my confidence as an independent mid-thirty woman and I've felt in need of some reflective retreat. I'd travelled around the world, but never visited Ibiza before. A friend recommended to me SOUL ISLAND IBIZA. Two days later I went of to the island.

This magnificent place on earth immediately brought me back to my inner peace. It was March, an early spring and plenty of good vibes surrounded me. Then the angel of the island appeared to me: Irene. I’d booked her as my guide on this roadtrip, without reading any review in advance.

I’ve stayed on a charming farm recommended by her. Every morning I started the day with some yoga practice in the beautiful garden. Afterwards Irene picked me up for some walks and together we’ve visited beautiful spots. Sometimes I invited her for lunch, other days she brought some delicious homemade soup and hummus with her and we’d had a delicious picnic with astonishing views.

What a beautiful energy: just nature, Irene and me. We’d talked for hours. I didn’t realise she is the guide to the ‘know thyself’. After this week of soul retreat, I went back home and felt completely one.

One month later I just realise my dreams. It’s there every minute: love. Love for work, love for beauty, love for family and friends, love for life! It’s just inside me coming out: love and beauty.

I recommend this trip to anyone, whatever your search is.

SOUL ISLAND IBIZA is there to be your guide on this magical trip through life. 

With love, Michelle