Oirschot (the Netherlands)

It has been three months since my adventure with Irene ended. But it still seems like only yesterday. Everytime I talk about it, it feels alive. For weeks all that I experienced during those four days stayed foremost in my mind. Even in my dreams. For weeks the music Irene played in the car kept buzzing in my head.

My trip in Ibiza was a real adventurous roadtrip with Irene as a fantastic guide.

I not only discovered very beautiful tranquil places on Ibiza, I especially learned a lot about myself. And all that with Irene as an inspirator, navigator, supporter, hostess and cook, the latter because I’ve booked an all inclusive retreat.

Sometimes it was heavy and confrontational but even the hard times were enjoyable. And I still enjoy the memory. Dear Irene, thank you for showing me the way to discover who I am and what my personal mission is.

The steps that I am going to take to achieve my goals and ambition are now achievable and concrete thanks to the processes we went through. There will be no escape. It is great that you don’t offer a fixed program, that you move along with what really matters. This makes that I can keep on singing ‘Je ne regrette rien’.

What will always stay with me is the amount of fun we had together.

We just clicked and your coaching felt safe and secure.

Dear reader, if you’re interested in getting to know yourself and the real Ibiza, please treat yourself to a roadtrip with Irene.