Roadtrip to create the life you love


An enriching, unforgettable four-day roadtrip full of nature, life coaching, self-discovery, pleasure and joy. I will be your life coach, motivational guide and travel companion. We’ll be travelling with the flow, sometimes driving and sometimes walking but always heading towards the magical spots of the island. You will not be able to resist the power of those places, open up and draw energy for a refreshed look at yourself. Your trip with SOUL ISLAND IBIZA becomes a catalyst for new inspiration, new authenticity and greater fulfillment.


A self-discovery roadtrip is ideal when:

  • You are on a crossroad

  • You are in disconcern about some issues in your life

  • You want to step into your greatness

  • You feel aimless and unsure

  • You're close to a burn-out or recovering from it

  • You feel stuck in your routines

  • You want to be energized and inspired

  • You're puzzling with the question: and now what?

  • You want to experience the magic of the Ibiza

Customized Program

One of the strengths of SOUL ISLAND IBIZA is that it's a one-to-one experience. And we're in nature all the time. It's my aim to move you out of your mind, into your body, into your heart. Therefore I cooperate with the beauty of Ibiza's nature. You will get life coaching and motivational training on impressive and unforgettable locations. The program is all about you. Your goals, wishes, needs and life questions are my guidebook. You will get a special program that is tailor-made for your personal preferences. 

I will work out your adventure and program on the spot:

  • in the flow of the moment,

  • on the basis of our dynamics,

  • on the basis of your goals,

  • on the basis of what occurs.

coaching in nature

You will get life coaching on the most powerful spots in Ibiza. From north to south and from east to west. We will travel the island extensively.


1295 euro (excluding accommodation, meals, airport pick up)  

2295 euro (fully arranged 1-to-1 retreat, all-in except flights)

What is including/excluding?


  • LifeCoaching (4 days)

  • Transformation & personal growth

  • Best spots in the nature of Ibiza to unwind, recharge and (re)connect

  • Awareness training

  • Guided walks

  • Inner work upon negative beliefs, emotions and self-sabotage

  • Self-discovery and self-exploration

  • Psychological exercises for insight and self-awareness

  • Body work

  • Breathe work

  • Plenty of personal attention

  • Wisdom to regain your strength and inspiration

  • Motivational guidance

  • Exercises to create the life you love

  • Visualizations to move you beyond the mind

  • Pleasure, fun and magic

  • Private guide, private driver and travel companion


  • Flight (book Transavia, Ryan Air or Vueling)

  • Airport transfers

  • Insurance

extra options

  • Pick up from the airport (only in winter)

  • Shopping bag filled with breakfast and all sorts of delicacies

  • Lunches and dinners at hip and happening places

  • Yoga classes (solo or group class)

  • Massages (by befriended masseurs)

  • Private Sound Bath for total relaxation (by Dan Bentley or Elena Teixidor)

  • Boattrips

reasons to come

  • You want to live your potential

  • You want to create the life you love

  • You want to be led by the heart, not the mind

  • You want the best of Ibiza

  • You want to rediscover and reconnect with your true nature

  • You want to let your soul shine

  • You want to develop the guts to follow your heart

  • You want change, fun and conscious living

  • You want to lift your spirit, feel alive again

i just want to have fun

If you are on a holiday in Ibiza and you want to travel the island extensively and unforgettable but not alone, I'll be there for you too. You can also book a four day (or one day) roadtrip with SOUL ISLAND IBIZA solely for the trip, the surprise and the adventure. I will show you the magic of the island and travel with you on a flow, without a plan, merely for adventure. You will get the most out of your holiday, but I won't tell you beforehand about the destinations. You leap, you'll be open, we just go. 

And now what?

Now it’s time to think it all over. But don’t take too long. Sign in to have the time of your life, and to regain your strength, liveliness, personal power and inspiration.

come to ibiza, book now!